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Zeztate is a formidable real estate company based in Kerala. Our unique and pioneering business concept has been developed, nurtured and promoted by four renowned corporate groups - Eastern, Mather, AASA and ERAM.

With Dubai (UAE), Mumbai and Kerala (India), North America and Canada as main hubs for service, Zeztate has its eyes on fulfilling every need of the customer in Real Estate & Property Management sector.

Zeztate strives to bring the best professional and strategic service for clients in Kerala. Zeztate provides an array of specialized property services across Kerala.

Home Care

A unique proposition to manage your home, whether it is your flat or your independent house, when you are away – from paying your taxes and bills on time to keeping your home clean. We will also find the right tenant if you wish to rent it out in your absence and manage the entire process on your behalf including rent collection

Property Transactions

We have the best properties in every budget, both commercial as well as residential, to offer to you whether it is for Renting or Purchase. We also help you find the best prospect if you wish to rent out or sell your property

Property Management

Entrust us your entire apartment management from providing Housekeeping, Security, Electrical & Plumbing & Caretaking and experience complete peace of mind

Mechanised Cleaning

Whether it is your residential or commercial property, our complete range of mechanised cleaning services ensures a spic and span space

Interior Design & Execution

We have a separate specialised wing for your Interiors. The service include Interior Design, Space Planning, Wall Painting, Furniture Setting and Art Installations.

With expert advice and service, Zeztate helps clients to fulfill their real estate and property management needs in a hassle-free manner.